Help a Paper Person: An i-can Activity

This paper person needs a home!  Your child’s mission should they choose to accept it is…

Build a home this paper person would LOVE to live in.  

IMG_2497 (1)

Work alongside your child or let them build on their own.  Either way, here’s how to you can facilitate the paper person activity in your home for maximum i-can mindset building fun!

Step #1Understand the challenge

Task: Build a home that a paper person would LOVE to live in.
(Note: Our paper people are cut out of an index card and are usually about an inch tall.)

Materials: What materials can your child use?  Check out our low-cost makerspace materials list.

Step #2Ideate using questions a prompts

Question #1: What does a home absolutely have to have?

Possible Follow-up questions: What does our home have?  What would the house need if we wanted to protect the paper person from the rain or sun?  What does a house need if you want to go in and out?

Question #2: What might the paper person want in their home?

Possible Follow-up questions: What are some things you love in our home?  What sort of things do you think the paper person might want to do in their home?

Steps #3 and #4: Prototype and Test

Encourage your child to dive in and get building! Encourage them to test their house often to see if the paper person can actually fit.

If your child runs into problems while building, use questions rather than making suggestions to help get your child’s problem solving wheels turning.  

When your child is done building, ask them if they think their creation is as awesome for the paper person as they can make it.  If so, ask your child what they like about their creation.  If not, encourage them to add to or change their design.

Have fun building. We’d love to see paper person home pics posted below! We’ve included a pic of our own below.
– i-imagine, i-can, i-do!


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