Catch a Snowflake: An i-can™ Activity

Maybe you need a break from finding the right size batteries or the charms of new toys are already wearing off.  Either way, here is a great activity the whole family can enjoy!

Create a game that includes snowflakes and something that can “catch” the snowflakes.  Don’t forget to include how to play and how to win!

Work alongside your child or let them build on their own.  Either way, here’s how to you can facilitate the activity in your home for maximum i-can™ mindset building fun!

Step #1Understand the challenge

Task: Build a “catch the snowflake” game that includes snowflakes, something to catch the snowflakes, rules, and how players can win.

Materials: What materials can your child use?  Check out our low-cost makerspace materials list for suggestions.  If there are a lot of empty boxes around your house, put them to use!  We all know the box the toy comes in tends to be more fun than the toy itself!

Step #2Ideate using questions as prompts

Question #1: What should the snowflakes be made out of?
Possible Follow-up questions: Look at the picture of a snowflake.  What materials do we have that we could use to make these types of shapes?

Question #2: How will the snowflakes be caught?
Possible Follow-up questions: What sort of tools can you use to catch something? What ways are objects caught in other sports?

Question #3: How will we play our game and how will we decide who wins?
Possible Follow-up questions: What are some ways players decide who wins in other games?

Steps #3 and #4: Prototype and Test

Encourage your child to dive in and get building! Encourage them to test their trap often to see if the monster fits and if the trap actually works.

If your child runs into problems while building, use questions rather than making suggestions to help get your child’s problem solving wheels turning.

As your child builds, encourage them to test out…

  • the game pieces (Are they sturdy? Do they work the way you envisioned?) and
  • the game itself (Do people think it’s fun?  Is it too easy or too hard?)

Have fun building, and don’t forget to share any pictures of your creations with us!
– i-imagine, i-can, i-do!


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