Quick Tip: When you have a challenge wha’tch ya gonna do?

Raise your hand if you’d like your child to be independent and resilient in the face of challenges?

I bet your hand is up.  But the question remains, how do you go about helping your child develop resilience?

Use the four-step I.C.A.N. process below to help your child navigate a challenge on their own!

I – Inhale start off by getting your brain ready with a calming breath or other ACA or ACT.

C – Celebrate Happy brains come up with more creative solutions.  Do something quick to put your brain in a positive frame of mind.

A- Adapt Examine what isn’t working and generate ideas of what you could do differently. 

N – Now Try Test your solution.  If it doesn’t work no worries!  Just start the I.C.A.N. process again!

Happy problem-solving!

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